• MYRIAD Display Security

    The key to a secure retail environment.

As an additional offering to our retail clients, Tagtron Solutions continues to create secure retail environments by adding protection for high value goods on open display by, utilising the latest in anti-theft security products.

Not only are our Display Solution products discreet, they also enable you to power your goods so that the customer has a real experience of using the item and such interaction has been proven to increase sales. The beauty of securing handheld items this way is that the customer can also actually pick them up, turn them around, see how heavy the item is and see it working.

Whether you need anti-theft devices to protect Tablets, SmartPhones, Cameras, MP3s, Smartwatches, Headphones, DVD Players, Binoculars, Leather Jackets, Handbags or Power Tools – we will have the right retail anti-theft security solution for you! Our Display Solution products offer seamless display integration which incorporates the alarm solution as an integral part of the total display solution.

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