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    An Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) company which supplies hardware equipment, tags, consumables and anti-theft solutions.

Tagtron Solutions is a 100% South African company, based near Atlantis in the Western Cape with a young and innovative Research & Development Company bringing together the latest European technology and South African expertise.

Tagtron, in partnership with sister company Bell Oak™ Investment (manufacturing and distribution), takes pride in providing employment in the area as well as offering training and skills development for the local community.

In addition to offering locally produced products, Tagtron has signed strategic and exclusive agreements with its chosen partners in order to provide its clients with a wide range of loss prevention and operational solutions. Our solution portfolio includes a broad range of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) technologies, including Acousto Magnetic (AM); Radio Frequency (RF); Electro-Magnetic (EM) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems that enables us to serve clients across the retail spectrum as well as libraries, hospitals, universities and other governmental entities and industry.

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)

Tagtron Solutions markets, installs and maintains Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) products, including hardware equipment, a growing range of tags, consumables and anti-theft solutions, that are locally manufactured by Bell Oak™

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Tagtron’s RFID solutions can be integrated into third-party management solutions, such as the KemasNet Systems from Kemas Technologies. This allows companies to extend the value of their business management solutions into areas such as access control, asset management (track & trace) and HR, among others. It also allows for the more efficient managing of assets, fire-arms and keys (to name just a few examples), through the intelligent integration of RFID tags with CCTV, and biometric identification of employees, contractors and visitors. Also included in our RFID basket are parking and traffic management systems from FEIG Electronics.

Telelift is an international process-oriented solution for complex transportation tasks for light goods. With its modular conveyor systems, Telelift offers a complete rail transport system. It features a unique three-dimensional routing and offers innovative additional functions on the transport vehicles. Tagtron is the sole distributor, installer and service provider for Telelift in Africa.

Tagtron Solutions is ISO 9001:2008certified to ensure the products and services provided adhere to the highest quality standards and is proud to be a Level 2 BEE contributor. It has a national footprint with branches in Cape Town, Gauteng, Durban and Port Elizabeth, as well as accredited agents throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Tagtron Solutions is committed to providing solutions of the highest quality. Drawing on a wealth of knowledge, experience, world-class equipment and back-end support, Tagtron offers a total end to end solution allowing various technology choices and multiple configurations.

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